Tris Ekklisies Beach


Tris Ekklisies Beach

Located on the southeast coast of Ios on the way to Magganari beach, you’ll find two small beaches known as Tris Ekklisies. Seemingly accessible from the road just above Agia Trias church, we found the route blocked by a locked gate leading down to a private residence on our visit in 2022.

It’s most easily accessible by boat, although Google suggests a hiking trail exists from the north leading to/from Papa beach. However, this beach is now part of the private Calilo luxury resort, so whether there is still public access to the trail we can’t say.

As you can see from the drone photos and video, both beaches are of golden sand and the sea is mostly clear with a few rocks around the shoreline. Due to its inaccessibility, the beaches are likely to be quiet and therefore rewarding to those with the means or motivation to get there.

The smaller beach to the north of the main beach at Tris Ekklisies

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