Kalamos Beach


Kalamos Beach

Located on the eastern coastline towards the southern end of Ios, Kalamos Beach is a wide stretch of slightly coarse golden sand. Access to the beach is via a winding and fairly bumpy dirt road that splits off from a paved road just north of the new Calilo luxury resort at Papa Beach.

The beach sits in a wide, shallow bay that can feel exposed on windy days, as it was during our visit in August 2022. Due to its relative inaccessibility, the beach is less popular than others on the eastern coastline (Agia Theodoti and Psathi).

Although the beach isn’t stony, the sand is slightly coarse and in places, the depth of sand makes it quite difficult to walk on. There is a fairly steep gradient close to the shoreline and as a result, the water gets deep relatively quickly, making swimming difficult on windy days.

Kalamos Beach looking north towards Plakes

As you can see in the photos, there are large rock shelves close to the shoreline beginning at the midpoint of the beach and extending to the northern end.

Kalamos Beach looking south from the northernmost end

There are no umbrellas or sunbeds on the beach and very limited natural shade due to the absence of any trees. Combined with a lack of tavernas nearby, it’s only suited to those who want to bring their own shade and food/drink supplies.

Kalamos Beach is definitely not the nicest on the island, but of the less accessible beaches, it’s one of the better options due to its wide expanse of sand offering plenty of space and privacy for those prepared to make the effort in reaching it.

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