Exploring Sifnos 2023

In the fine days of late June 2023, a long-awaited adventure unfolded as I embarked on a journey with my dear friend and seasoned Greek travel companion, Ed. Our destination? The enchanting island of Sifnos, a gem nestled in the Aegean Sea. With just five nights at our disposal, our spirits were high and our determination unyielding as we immersed ourselves in yet another unforgettable Greek escapade.

Come along with us as we travel from the UK to the sun-kissed shores of Sifnos, navigating through the sprawling terminals of Athens Airport and the bustling port of Piraeus, where our hearts raced as we barely caught the ferry with mere minutes to spare!

Our five-day odyssey was a whirlwind of exploration and discovery. We embarked on exhilarating hikes to the summit of Profitis Ilias, drank in the serene beauty of Faros, and marvelled at the ancient splendour of Chrisopigi Monastery. We chilled on the golden sands of Platis Gialos, wandered through the quaint villages of Vathy and Cheronissos, and roamed the winding streets of Kastro and Apollonia, each corner revealing a new facet of Sifnos’s rich tapestry.

Yet amidst these breathtaking sights, one destination held a special place in my heart: the picturesque Agios Simeon Church, where the Aegean Sea’s tranquil beauty melds seamlessly with Greece’s timeless charm. With every step, every sight, and every shared moment, Sifnos wove its magic around us, leaving an indelible mark on our souls and fueling our wanderlust for many adventures yet to come.

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