Amorgos Trip 2019

This one was very short and tame compared to my two island-hopping trips in 2017 and 2018, but I wanted to include it to document my first visit to Amorgos.

Ed had discovered Amorgos online while researching walking opportunities in Greece. It had something of a reputation as a hiker’s paradise, and, having enjoyed my Andros (here) and Naxos (here) hikes far more than I expected, I happily agreed it was worth checking out.

We both had limited holiday time, so we decided to make it a short 5-night trip, flying in and out of Mykonos and reaching Amorgos via a Naxos ferry connection. Unlike previous trips, Ed would be with me the whole time, which made a nice change. It was also much earlier in the season than usual, which gave us a different perspective as it was much quieter, and the temperatures were more suitable for hiking, although it was still sunny and pretty warm.

We couldn’t figure out which port town to stay in on Amorgos, so we decided to try both: arriving in Aegiali and spending our first three nights there before transferring to Katapola for the final two nights. Our ferry back to Mykonos departed from Katapola anyway, so it made perfect sense.

You can start reading about the trip by clicking here.