Amorgos Island Guide

An Introduction to Amorgos

Amorgos is a perfect destination if you’re looking for a more authentic Greek island experience.

We first discovered Amorgos in 2019 after learning it’s a hikers’ paradise. Excited to try somewhere new, we spent five days here in late May and loved every minute.

Slightly off the beaten track, Amorgos lies about 20 miles southeast of Naxos and is accessible only by ferry. It does have two ports, though: Aegiali on the northwest coast and Katapola further south.

Amorgos is a great destination if you’re looking for a more authentic and traditional Greek experience and provides a great contrast to more popular nearby islands such as Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Santorini.

Getting to Amorgos

Ferries are your only option if you want to visit Amorgos. Unusually for smaller islands, Amorgos has two ports that are both actively used by ferry operators, so you’ll need to make sure you know which port to choose depending on where you want to stay. Aegiali is the northwestern port, while Katapola is more central and closer to Chora. A regular bus service connects the two villages, so whichever you choose, it’s still possible to transfer to your accommodation with minimal fuss.

Express Skopelitis docked at Katapola port

Check out available ferry connections using the search box below. Be aware that many Greek ferry operators don’t confirm their routes until January-March of each year. So, it’s worth checking back later if you don’t see availability for your chosen dates.

Where to Stay on Amorgos


Aegiali is one of two ports on Amorgos and the largest settlement on the island’s northern half. With a wide, sandy beach and a good selection of accommodation and tavernas, it’s a great location to relax and explore.

Aegiali Bay Amorgos
Aerial photo of Aegiali Bay, Amorgos

The nearby villages of Lagada and Tholaria form a triangle with Aegiali. They are connected by walking paths that continue into the more remote parts of northern Amorgos, particularly to the church of Agios Theologos northeast of Lagada.

Agios Theologos Church, Amorgos
Agios Theologos Church on the northeastern corner of Amorgos
Walking trails north of Aegiali offer stunning views across the island

A regular bus service links Aegiali with Chora and Katapola. If you want to explore further south, you must arrange your own transportation. The village is fairly peaceful but has enough amenities to make it a good base for a few days. The beach, in particular, is one of the best on the island, and there is a path that continues north around the bay and provides access to three smaller beaches: Levrossos, Psili Ammos and Hochlaka. Levrossos has a few beach bars/tavernas and is soft sand, but it tends to lose the sun in the late afternoon due to its sheltered position.

Aegiali Beach
Aegiali Beach is one of the best on the island.


More centrally located, Katapola is the other port on Amorgos. Although the beach is narrower and less appealing than Aegiali, its proximity to Chora and the famous Panagia Hozoviotissa monastery makes it a more convenient base. As a result, you’ll find a broader selection of accommodation here, plus a good range of tavernas, shops and amenities both north and south of the bay.

Katapola Bay Amorgos
Katapola Bay Amorgos


Situated inland in an elevated position east of Katapola, the island’s capital is a small village with a decent range of accommodation and local facilities. A steep, winding path provides access to the monastery on foot. However, anyone with health issues or limited mobility should take the local bus as it considerably shortens the distance.

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Amorgos Beaches

For a more detailed look at the beaches of Amorgos, check out our dedicated page: Amorgos Beaches.


The interactive map below shows some of our favourite hotels, restaurants, beaches and places of interest in Amorgos. Click the markers to see more details.

Videos of Amorgos

Check out some of the videos we’ve filmed on Amorgos:

Check out our recently published island guide video on Amorgos

Our Experience of Amorgos

We split our time pretty evenly between Aegiali and Katapola and enjoyed both. Aegiali seemed quieter, but I’m told it’s often the opposite – we were there early in the season, so perhaps tourism wasn’t in full flow.

Both resorts offer excellent walking opportunities, including the main “spine walk” across the island between Chora and Aegiali. Typically, the walk is done from Chora heading north, but we started from Aegiali and found it just as good. This website has a great list of walks:

In terms of sightseeing, the main attraction is the Panagia Hozoviotissa monastery. Built into the cliffside, 300 metres above sea level, it’s an impressive and unique sight. It’s located quite close to Chora, and the local bus makes a stop about a 10-minute walk away.

Panagia Hozoviotissa monastery

We recommend hiring a car to see more of the island, as the bus service only covers Aegiali, Chora and Katapola. Further south, you can visit ancient Arkesini – check out our YouTube video above to see what it’s like.

We also made it to the most southerly point of Amorgos, where you’ll find Kalotartissa Beach. It’s pretty quiet, and the water is quite rocky near the shore, but the beach itself is reasonable, and there is a small cafe on-site, serving some basic food and drinks.

Kalotartissa Beach – we had it all to ourselves in early June!

Restaurants and Dining

Both resorts have a reasonable selection of tavernas, enough to get you through a week in each location without running out of options. Google lists around a dozen choices in Aegiali and closer to 20 in Katapola.

Koralli Taverna was our favourite in Aegiali, and Corner Taverna in Katapola was excellent for lunch and dinner at very reasonable prices.

Conclusions and Alternatives

Amorgos is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a traditional Greek experience that isn’t coloured by tourism to any significant degree. It’s great for walking and does have a good selection of sights to keep you busy for a few days, perhaps even a week.

The island does have a selection of beaches, but to be honest, it’s not renowned for them. If you’re looking for golden sandy beaches to while away the days, there are better alternatives. Nearby, Koufonissi is the first place that springs to mind (stunning beaches everywhere).

If you’re looking for somewhere with more things to do, Naxos and Paros would be our first suggestions. Given that you must visit Amorgos by ferry, you can even combine Naxos/Paros with Amorgos as part of your trip.

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