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Naxos Island Overview

Were I to produce a list of my favourite Greek island destinations, Naxos would certainly make the top 3. But, as I sit to write this summary, it occurs to me I don’t fully understand how to explain its appeal. I had better try, though, or I will have failed in my duty to you as a reader.

Naxos is undeniably Greek in both look and feel. From the narrow Venetian streets of Naxos Town, with its bustling harbour area, to the long, sandy beaches that adorn much of the western coastline, you immediately feel at peace here.

Arriving by ferry, as I’ve always done, the sight of Apollo’s Gate to the west as you approach the harbour kindles a sense of excitement to be back again. I’ve visited Naxos no fewer than four times in the past three years, and it’s already on my itinerary for 2020.


Naxos has a little bit of everything a Greek tourist could wish for: a capital with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants, plus a historic fortress and the aforementioned Apollo’s Gate to serve as a reminder of its long history.

Plenty of good beaches: St. George beach at the south end of Naxos town is a superb stretch of family-friendly sand and sea. As is the stretch from Agia Anna all the way down to Plaka on the western coast.

Head inland to find several pretty villages: Filoti and Apeiranthos are both worth visiting. Combine this with a relatively comfortable hike to the top of Mount Zas for unrivalled panoramic views of the Cyclades from its highest point:

View towards Paros from the summit of Mount Zas

Conclusion and Alternatives

In short, Naxos is one of those rare gems that really does have it all. Prices are reasonable (though each year it feels like its proximity to Mykonos is beginning to elevate costs, often unjustifiably so). It does get quite busy in high season, but never to the Santorini or Mykonos levels of crowds. Plus, being a much bigger island with plentiful and spacious beaches, there is ample room for everyone.

Naxos also has its own airport for domestic flights, meaning you can choose whether to fly from Athens or take a ferry from Piraeus or via a neighbouring island. Coming from the UK, the cheapest and most direct route is via an Easyjet flight to Mykonos and a short ferry ride – catch an early enough flight and – weather permitting – you can get a same-day ferry to Naxos and avoid any costly overnight stays on Mykonos. There are usually similar options for late evening return flights, allowing you to hop on an afternoon ferry back again – though you do take a risk of missing your flight if the ferries are cancelled due to adverse sea conditions.

If you’ve seen enough of Naxos already, or – for whatever reason – it doesn’t sound appealing, the most obvious alternative is its neighbour, Paros. Both islands are often recommended in equal measure online, and indeed are fairly similar. Having only visited Paros once, I don’t feel fully qualified to sing its virtues, but I doubt you would go far wrong there.

Another island to consider if you like Naxos is Crete. Though considerably bigger, it shares the theme of having something for everyone, with the added benefit of two international airports and a pretty good road system to travel around. In my fairly extensive experience, Crete is also cheaper too.

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