Island Overview

Ios Chora at sunset

If you’ve heard of Ios at all, it’s probably the small Cycladic island’s reputation as a party destination for those seeking a cheaper (and, let’s be honest, more pleasant) alternative to Mykonos. While it may be true that many young revellers do descend on the island in peak season, particularly to the main beach resort of Mylopotas, this shouldn’t put you off visiting Ios.

Unlike Mykonos, the entire island remains fairly quiet and traditional, with quiet beaches dotted around the coastline and plenty of decent restaurants to choose from. The party atmosphere is mostly limited to the south end of Mylopotas beach at the FarOut Beach Club, then into Chora where a good selection of bars can be found down the small Cycladic streets. But even here the nightlife is not overwhelming.

Getting Here

Ios is situated on a popular ferry route between Naxos and Santorini, making it easily accessible over the summer tourist season. The port is situated close to Chora in a small resort called Ormos. While it might seem tempting to walk to Chora, the ascent is quite steep so if you’re travelling with luggage it’s preferable to take the local bus to your accommodation than attempting it on foot.

We visited in 2017 and found a bus waiting for the ferry on arrival and it only took 10 minutes to reach the nearby resort of Mylopotas, where the bulk of accommodation is located.

Hotel Reviews

Holidays Inn Ios, Mylopotas Beach, Ios

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Review Rating: 4/5 Date of Visit: August 2017 I took a gamble coming to Ios not really knowing what to expect. This was my sixth hotel stay as part of…

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