Steno and Mikro Steno Beach

Located at the central neck of the island, at the narrowest point between the north and south coast, are the beaches of Mikro Steno and Steno. Mikro Steno is a smaller, mixed sand-shingle beach in a shallow east-facing bay within the larger Steno Bay area. The sea is calm and shallow and there are a few trees along the small beach providing natural shade cover.

Steno Beach is a much larger beach of mostly soft, golden sand with some rocky and shingle patches. It sits in a wide, south-facing bay where the water is calm, shallow and free of rocks and seaweed.

At the western end is a small beach cantina serving a limited selection of food and drinks, with some sunloungers and umbrellas available. Most of the beach is unstructured (no sunbeds/umbrellas), but a few trees provide some natural shade towards either end.

At the eastern end is a beach bar playing music and offering drinks with waiter service to a selection of sunbeds.

Steno Beach is, in our opinion, the best beach in Astypalea and is worth visiting.

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