Platis Gialos Beach

Platis Gialos Beach Sifnos

Alongside Kamares, Vathy, and Faros, Platis Gialos is one of the main tourist resorts on Sifnos. It features a long, sandy beach in a wide, southeast-facing bay.

The resort is relatively small compared to typical beach resorts on other, more popular islands but has a spacious and welcoming atmosphere. The beach is over 700 metres long, narrow in the centre, and backed closely by a mixture of small shops, beach bars, and tavernas. At each end, the sand widens, and there is more room for sunbathing.

The sea is rocky in places along the shoreline, making it a little awkward to get in and out of the water. A small jetty in the centre of the beach allows access to the sea where it’s slightly deeper, avoiding the need to traverse the rocky patches when getting in and out.

One of the highlights of Platis Gialos is its excellent dining options: Omega 3, To Steki and Yalos are among the best restaurants on the island and serve delicious food.

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