Livadia Beach and Parikia Beach

Piso Livadi Beach

Livadia Beach

Just north of the main port in the island’s capital, Parikia, Livadia Beach is a small, mostly sandy beach on the eastern side of Parikia Bay. A short walk north from the harbour area, it’s the closest beach to the centre of Parikia and a good spot for sunbathing.

The sea is calm and shallow, although quite rocky in places near the shoreline (watch out for the painful sea urchins!). If you prefer swimming, it’s better to head further north to the main Parikia Beach, where the sea is clear.

Parikia Bay
Parikia Bay Paros

Parikia Beach

The larger of the two beaches, Parikia Beach is the main beach for the island’s capital. Wide in the centre, it narrows at either end but is large enough to accommodate plenty of sunbathers. At the far northern end, you can find sunbeds and shade provided by nearby cafes and a beach bar. Most of the beach is undeveloped, so you’ll need to bring your umbrella and something to lay on.

The calm, clear sea is ideal for families and for swimming, though it may not be the cleanest water due to the proximity of the port and the volume of ferries that arrive daily in high season.

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